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Mr. Kant Mue Zin

Mr. Kant Mue Zin is an English language teacher with 5 years of teaching experience and have researched the language ability and language acquisition ranging from children to adults. He is a graduated English Major with honors and showed great interest in accessing students’ linguistic skills. He holds the certificate for Teaching of English language as a foreign language(TEFL) from London Teachers Training College.

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Mr. Kant Mue Zin started out as a private tutor for young learners both professionally and charitably after high school. He’s a good English speaker with very little mother tongue influence as students needs to learn better with a correct pronunciation. He is currently working at the MIMBER institution for management studies as a language teacher for working adults and young adults. His teaching methods are focusing on the students rather than the lessons, enabling students to practice, present and produce. 

In 2015, he was selected as a participating youth from Myanmar for the Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program (SSEAYP). He performed well in the program which centers on the international relations, education, health care and environment. The program includes port of call, homestay, institutional visits and club activities, discussions, national presentation and solidarity activities. He had traveled to Japan, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia as part of the program. 

He professional studies include English language and literature from the faculty of linguistics graduated with honors and distinctions from University of East Yangon. For his career of teaching, he took the TEFL class to obtain the certification which would be effective in his works. 

Apart from teaching, Mr. Kant Mue Zin provides a one-on-one training for those who wish to acquire language abilities and lexical improvement without teaching but enabling the student to practice and produce. He’s a tolerant and patient tutor with vast encounter with all kind of students from all age and nationality. He is proficient in interpersonal skills, leadership and interpersonal skills which a language teacher must have.